Why Do I Have Brown Discharge After Plan B. Potential side effects w eme. I also just got my period and i.

Plan B One Step Pill Implantation bleeding or plan B
Plan B One Step Pill Implantation bleeding or plan B from planbonestep.blogspot.com

Does plan b cause brown discharge? I recently took a plan b after having unprotected sex and right after my discharge and vagina has had a very foul smell. Obstetrics and gynecology 23 years experience.

It Is Important For A Female To Know What Discharge Is Normal.

If you have too little estrogen. Every female should be aware of the different types of discharges and what do they indicate. Hi plan b.it is normal to get brown discharge and could be the lapse of your period actually ending.

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It Will Usually Only Last A Few Days.

Plan b works by delaying or inhibiting ovulation. You may feel very hormonal for a couple of weeks after using plan b. Some girls may spot while they are ovulating which can occur a few weeks before their actual period.

For Women Taking Hormonal Birth Control — Such As The Pill, Ring, Shot, Or Patch — The Appearance Of Some Dark Discharge Is Nothing To Be Concerned About.

I don't have any itching or any other things happening just the smell. Truthfully, i’m not aware of plan b directly having an impact on the type of vaginal discharge a girl will have. Menstrual flow changes ( spotting, bleeding, early or late period );

Some Women May Have Changes In Their Period, A Heavier Or Lighter Next Period, Or A Period That Is Early Or Late.

I also just got my period and i. The brown color in discharge is because of the old blood. It decreases the risk of pregnancy by about 70%.

Taking Plan B 48 Hours After Having Unprotected Sex Gives You Fairly Good Odds For Not Getting Pregnant.

Abdominal pain / cramping or fatigue. When you notice a brown discharge after you have finished ovulating, it means that there are a few things that could be taking place. I'd give it a bit more time to see if it evens out and if you continue to have difficulty, go see your doctor.

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