Super Auto Pets Tier List Reddit. Fish is b tier due to the risk involved, if you could use its ability 100% of the time i would put it in a. Edit edit source history talk (0) contents.

Super Auto Pets Tier List Expansion at Pets
Super Auto Pets Tier List Expansion at Pets from

S tier in super auto pets. Edit edit source history talk (0) contents. The updated tierlist to this can be found here:

Hippo Is Good, But Compared To Bison, Monkey, Deer And Rooster It's Mediocre.

This section doesn’t include those listed above. The player's party can only have 5 pets at once. Pets are the player's units in super auto pets.

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All Animals, All Pets And All Food.

Sold for 1 coin per pet level. These are the food items you should give to what pet: Give this pet garlic armour.

Definitive Super Auto Pets Ftp Tier List (Debate Me Below) Not Sure If I Agree With The Cat, But The Rest Of It Seems Pretty Accurate.

Cat is a versatile late game scaler that can generate insane stats with its common synergies like the cow, the worm and seal although cat doesn’t need these pets to be a viable. Game was initially released as browser game on and newgrounds at april 14, 2021, steam release following september 24, 2021. Whale is easily a tier, spawns the pet at higher level depending on rank.

In Super Auto Pets You Build A Team From A Lovable Cast Of Animals Who Will Fight For You.

Also let it have bone attack, or meat. This guide is up to date as of version 0.1.0 of the game's release. The bison is a tier 4 pet, available in the base game and pack 1.

The Animal Added To The Shop May Take The Place Of One Of The Milk Glasses.

In order for your ranking to be included, you need to be logged in and publish the list to the site (not. ⚔️ 2 / 💖 1. Cat is one of the few late game scalers that doesn't require another pet space to operate.

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