Light Duty Work Restrictions Letter From Doctor. If they can't, you stay home and collect temporary disability benefits (for up to 2 years). Light duty is work your employer may offer within your medical restrictions for you to perform while you recover.

Return To Work With Restrictions Letter
Return To Work With Restrictions Letter from

Returning to work as quickly as possible is a team effort between you, your doctor, and your employer. Article 13 of most collective bargaining agreements governs light duty and provides for the assignment of work, if available, to an employee unable to perform his or her regular. Can you work under the following conditions:

The Employee Can Be Returned To Work, Full Duty.

Can you work under the following conditions: Each job typically lasts two weeks to four weeks, and each involves progressively greater physical/mental demands. As provided in section 4, the agency may endeavor to return

If They Can't, You Stay Home And Collect Temporary Disability Benefits (For Up To 2 Years).

• will not perform work/tasks in conflict with the work restrictions outlined by the officer’s attending physician. Sedentary restrictions is defined as a job which involves mostly sitting. The location, schedule, and pay for the job.

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The Provider’s Release Attached Is Made A Part Of This Light Duty Job Description, And Is To Be Strictly Followed.

If they can, you work the modified duties. Includes occasionally lifting and/or carrying small objects. Doctors releasing your employees simply need to fill out a short form with details about their current medical condition along with any restrictions.

Such Temporary Modifications Are Called “Light Duty, Limited Duty, Or Modified.

(see page 13.) send a letter to your employee specifying the job title, supervisor, hours, location and start date for the return to work. Dusty atmospheres this space is for detailed answers to sections a, b, and c. Work hardening can involve progressions through a series of jobs.

Light Duty, Limited Duty Or Modified Duty Assignments.

Your employer is then obligated to see if they can accommodate those restrictions. In addition to sitting and limited walking and standing, sedentary work can include a slight amount of lifting, such as up to 10 pounds. L&i can help facilitate a smooth return to work.

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