How To Draw A Shark Easy. Around the middle of the top line of the body shape, draw a curved triangular shape to form the dorsal fin. On the sides of the bottom triangle, draw two pointed triangles for the fins, with one larger fin on the back.

How To Draw A Shark Free download on ClipArtMag
How To Draw A Shark Free download on ClipArtMag from

Complete the drawing of the shark’s tail. For the left pectoral fin, draw a similar shape but pointing down at an angle. In the middle of the snout add a tiny eye.

Draw The Shark’s Body The First Thing To Draw Is The Main Body Of The Shark.

Continue the shark’s torso line with one curved line. Cute shark by peppermintpopuk cute shark shark drawing drawings of friends. Then draw the tail on the right side of.

Draw A Curve To Get The Back Of This Shark.

Pinkfong drawing how to draw a cute baby shark baby shark shark painting baby boy nursery art. This makes the bottom jaw. Draw the 2nd half of the underbelly.

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For The Left Pectoral Fin, Draw A Similar Shape But Pointing Down At An Angle.

Start drawing the shark’s tail. 6.finally, color it carefully, and the shark is done! How to draw a shark step by step:

On The Sides Of The Bottom Triangle, Draw Two Pointed Triangles For The Fins, With One Larger Fin On The Back.

Draw a curve to get the mouth, like the number 3 flipped left and right. One bottom fin will go across the body, roughly under the dorsal fin. To draw a cartoon shark, draw a circle with a curved triangle on the bottom, extending to the left.

4.Draw Some Sharp Teeth On Your Mouth.

Draw it pointy and place it near the middle of the body. Complete the drawing of the shark’s tail. Here’s an easy way to draw a fearsome shark in 7 easy steps.

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